Attention: This is an advanced program.

You need to have read Words that Change Minds, in order to

get the most from this program.

In this program, Shelle shows you how to apply the LAB Profile® Patterns in informal coaching conversations:

  • To decode the client’s problem
  • Identify the key patterns of the solution
  • Use the right words to help the client shift naturally into solution mode

  Conversational Coaching with The LAB Profile®
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You will learn the coaching techniques to help

people solve their own problems in the

Conversational Coaching© program.

I’d been working with the LAB Profile® for years and had noticed that when my clients, friends and family were talking about their problems, you could hear the LAB Profile® patterns that were holding the problem in place AND the patterns they needed to solve the problem.

These were merely informal conversations and yet I was able to determine the structure of both the issue and the solution! Surely, I thought there must also be an easy way to help a person MOVE from one to the other.

I discovered that when I closely matched the thinking of the person, remembering to establish credibility and rapport, I could get the person to shift into their own solution state and solve their problem for themselves.

They Find Their Own Solution

They find their own solution through what seems to them, a casual conversation with someone!

You will learn the coaching techniques

to help people

Here are some examples:

Richard was suffering from

Incompetency Attacks

Richard was an experienced trainer with a deep knowledge of his subject area, training design and methodologies as well as a great capacity to communicate with his participants. In spite of this, he would have a huge Incompetency Attack prior to every training session he conducted. While his anxiety would eventually diminish, he wanted to skip the angst and go straight to his confident state. In a 45 minute conversation his whole outlook shifted. And 3 years later he still reports that he feels great before, during and after his trainings.

You can learn to do that too! It takes practice, but the coaching techniques in this audio are easy to apply to any coaching situation, formal or informal

Annalisa Wanted to Quit Her Job

Annalisa wanted to quit her job and go freelance but couldn’t bring herself to tell her boss. He was energetic and domineering and she just couldn’t see herself delivering the bad news. Again, in a casual conversation the LAB Profile® Patterns of her problem and her view of the solution were very clear. As a result of a 30 minute chat, she developed a plan she knew she could make work. Now she works for herself and maintains a lucrative freelancing agreement with her former boss. I didn’t give her the solution; I merely spoke in the Patters of her solution staff and got her to go there. She did the rest.

It Can’t Be That Easy, Can it?

Conversational Coaching© conversations sound just like normal conversations where one person is talking about an issue they have to deal with. Sometimes they seem to go round in circles or heading nowhere. Rarely are they straightforward: here’s the problem, here’s the solution and away you go.

Life is messy; so are these conversations.

The difference is that when you use the Conversational Coaching© process, you know where you are, what you are looking for, when to go to the next step or backtrack to test.

A Rigorous, Empirical and Scientific Methodology

We want to make sure that the client gets the results she or he is looking for, so we apply my world-famous rigorous, empirical and scientific methodology in 2 steps:

  • GUESS, and
  • TEST.

With my approach, based on NLP and the LAB Profile®, you get to test your diagnosis of both the problem Patterns and solution Patterns, so that as you go on to the next step, you know you are working with the right information.

Conversational Coaching© is an easy to remember step by step process. After you have practiced the steps several times with your clients, friends and family, I suspect that soon enough you will notice how easy it becomes to decode another person’s experience, without having to ask the standard LAB Profile® questions. They you will also improve your facility with the LAB Profile® Influencing Language and you will see the results right away.

Have you ever had someone tell you something you said made an incredible difference in their life?

One of the best parts of using the Conversational Coaching© methodology is that your clients and friends will never forget how you helped them. When you are able to decode someone’s problem and the solution they need, they will think you are a genius.

These coaching techniques that are in this program include:

  • A live demonstration of the Conversational Coaching© process
  • A detailed debriefing to identify what to listen for
  • How to decode the client’s problem and their solution LAB Profile® Patterns
  • Testing your diagnosis for accuracy using the Rigorous, Empirical and Scientific Methodology
  • Influencing Language to shift the client into their own solution mode
  • Verbal and non-verbal ways to get permission to help vs. suffering from Healitis
  • How to ensure your client will succeed

You can hear how the process works in the live demonstration

The audio program is an edited teleclass with a client and a group of participants. Shirley is the client and she owns a high-end custom furniture business which is causing her serious problems. Her foreign suppliers continuously miss their delivery dates, making the whole company look bad to their high-value customers. You will also hear the questions and answers from participants as we debrief the whole process. You can follow along with the included notes. Find out what Shirley decides to do as a result of our conversation.

Price: only $25